About Us


At Whitsers we aim to provide a setting in which children (aged 2½ to 4) have fun while being happy and secure, and in which there is an atmosphere of mutual trust; where children know that they are valued and respected and that learning is exciting and an intrinsic part of their play and of all that they enjoy.

Through play, it is our intention to instill a lifelong love of learning and to foster in each child the vital social skills needed to contribute to the wider community.

Our Philosophy
We believe:
  • Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives: it is not just a preparation for the next stage – it is vitally important in itself;

  • All children should be respected and valued, so that they will value themselves and know how to respect and value others;

  • Young children learn most effectively through play and that they need opportunities to explore both the indoor and the outdoor environment at Whitsers;

  • A child should be viewed as part of a family and within the context of the wider community. Therefore, we encourage parents and friends from the locality to become actively involved in the life of the playgroup;

  • Our curriculum should be appropriate for all children;

  • Children should become independent learners, confident problem solvers and develop a lasting love of learning;

  • Providing the highest quality learning experiences possible within a safe, secure and stimulating environment.