The Committee

Whitsers Pre-school playgroup is a charity and is managed by a committee. The committee is made up of an invaluable group of volunteer parents and community members that contribute to the smooth running of our much-loved local playgroup.


What does the committee do?

They are responsible for the management of the pre-school. This involves managing the staff and formal interactions with the Pre-school, managing admissions and funds, organising events and fundraising.


Want to get involved?

We are always looking for enthusiastic fundraisers. If you would like to help our fundraising then please don't hesitate to speak to a current committee or staff member in person. If you are interested in joining next year’s committee then please contact one of the current committee members who can give you more information. You do not need to be a parent of a child at Whitsers to get involved, all help is appreciated






Parental involvement 

We encourage parents/carers to participate in our rota system. Maybe you have a hobby or skills you can teach the children? Most parents in the past have found this a welcome break from their usual routine and it also gives the parents the opportunity to get to know the staff and the Pre-School better.


We regard parent participation with great importance, not only for the extra help, but also for your child’s benefit. We get the opportunity to talk to you about your child and you get the opportunity to play with your child in a different environment to home and to find out more about your child’s day.

The rota is an important part of the Pre-School and you will find the rota list situated at the entrance. We do appreciate that there may sometimes be difficulties with carrying out rota duty so please discuss this with the staff as soon as possible.

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